Home Interaction Program for Parents & Youngsters (HIPPY)

The Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) is a free two-year, play based curriculum of fun activity packs.

Learning begins at home
HIPPY helps create a learning environment at home to encourage a love of learning. Parents are encouraged to read, play and do fun activities with their child at home. In addition to home visits, parents also attend groups once a fortnight, providing a safe, comfortable place for parents to meet other local families, build new friendships and develop new skills.

You are your child’s first teacher
HIPPY aims to support families during the crucial early years and understands the important role you play in your child’s learning. HIPPY increases parents’ confidence, and provides information about child development and the way children learn. It gives parents opportunities to enjoy positive time with their children and allows them to be actively involved in their child’s education.

What’s in the activity packs?
HIPPY activities promote early literacy and numeracy skills; develop concentration, listening, and self-confidence. The first year offers fun, stimulating and varied learning experiences through activities and storybooks. The second year builds on activities from the first year, to strengthen concepts and skills. It also offers learning and development information for parents. There is no need for special equipment as the activities use materials that you would find around your home.

Employment oppportunities
Parents participating in HIPPY with their child may have the opportunity to be employed and trained as home tutors. Home tutors receive weekly training and visit parents in their homes on a regular basis, providing support, guidance, activities and educational resources.

Where is HIPPY offered
HIPPY is offered by Anglicare NT in Katherine, Darwin and Yurrwi (Milingimbi).

When should I enrol my child?
Children start HIPPY when they turn 3.

How can I enrol in HIPPY?
To enrol in the program your family needs to meet at least one of the following:

  • hold a Healthcare Card
  • child is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • child is in out-of-home care
  • single parent family
  • main language spoken at your home is not English.

HIPPY Katherine 08 8963 6100

HIPPY Darwin North and HIPPY Yurrwi 08 8985 0000.

The Home Interaction Program for Parents & Youngsters is funded by the Australian Government. The Brotherhood of St Laurence holds the licence to operate HIPPY in Australia.