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Anglicare NT is a respected community services organisation that works in urban, regional and remote areas of the Northern Territory.

We offer a range of career opportunities in the fields of early childhood and children, young people, mental health, family relationships and counselling, housing and homelessness, financial counselling, aged care, disability and home care, refugee and migrant settlement, corporate services and social enterprises.

Our values of Hope, Kindness, Respect, Fairness and Integrity underpin our work and we provide a family friendly, respectful and kind workplace. Benefits include training and development, flexible working conditions and five (5) weeks annual leave. We also offer salary packaging that can increase your take home pay.

As an employee with Anglicare NT, you will make a lasting difference in the lives of Territorians. View current vacancies, submit an expression of interest or contact us on 08 8985 0000 to find out more.

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Employment Requirements

If you would like to work for Anglicare NT, you must have a current Working with Children Clearance (Ochre Card) and a recent National Criminal History Certificate (no older than 3 months). In addition, if you want to work in Disability, you will also require an NDIS Screening Check.

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Receiving and maintaining vaccines can reduce health risks and is one control mechanism to maintain the health and wellbeing of all employees, contractors, volunteers, visitors and the people we work with. In line with Anglicare NT’s commitment to a full life and social justice for all, it is mandatory for all Anglicare NT employees (paid and volunteer) to ensure specific vaccine schedules are current and maintained. In relation to COVID-19, this includes a primary course (dose one and two) and booster dose within one month of becoming eligible for booster dose (subject to medical exceptions).

Ochre Card

An Ochre Card can be applied for online via the SAFE NT website, in person at the SAFE NT office in Berrimah or at any Territory Business Centre. For further information, SAFE NT can be contacted on Toll Free: 1800 SAFE NT (1800 723 368).

Please note that processing times may vary. If you wish to work in the Community Services sector, applications for Ochre Cards should be made as soon as possible.

National Criminal History Check

National Criminal History Checks can be applied for online via the Veritas Check website. On average, 7 out of 10 applicants will receive their results within 60 seconds or less.

Please note, a recorded criminal history does not automatically preclude a person from being appointed to a role with Anglicare NT. When a criminal history check demonstrates a criminal history, a Criminal History Risk Assessment will be undertaken by Anglicare NT. Anglicare NT will only make a distinction against someone if the criminal history is relevant to inherent requirements of the job and/or poses a risk to organisational activities.

Statutory Declaration

In addition to the National Criminal History Check, all applicants (both staff and volunteers) who are employed with Anglicare NT, who have been citizens or permanent residents of a country other than Australia at any time after turning 16, must complete a statutory declaration. In accordance with the Department of Health Police Certificate Guidelines, the statutory declaration must be made prior to commencing work and state that you have never:

  1. been convicted of murder or sexual assault; or
  2. been convicted of, and sentenced to imprisonment for, any other form of assault.

This statutory declaration is in addition to a current national police certificate, as this reports only convictions recorded in Australian jurisdictions.

NDIS Worker Screening Check

All applicants (both staff and volunteers) who you would like to work in Disability such as a Disability Program Manager, Support Coordinator or Disability Support Worker, will be required to have an NDIS Worker Screening Check.

An NDIS Worker Screening Check can be applied for online via the SAFE NT website, in person at the SAFE NT office in Berrimah or at any Territory Business Centre. For further information, SAFE NT can be contacted on Toll Free: 1800 SAFE NT (1800 723 368).

The NDIS Worker Screening Check came into effect on 01 July 2021.  Please be advised all Ochre Cards current as of 01 July 2021 will remain valid for the purposes of providing Disability services until they expire. However you will need to apply for your NDIS Worker Screening Check prior to 3 months of your Ochre Card expiring.