Parenting Orders Progam – For the Kids – A Program for Parents Experiencing Separation

For the Kids helps parents understand how to co-parent following separation, and how to develop a cooperative co-parenting arrangement in the best interest of their children. The program assists people understand the effects of conflict on children, and supports parents to develop strategies and skills to respond to the challenges associated with separation.

For the Kids helps separating families build positive communication and reduce court action.

For the Kids is not about how you parent, rather how you can best share responsibility of co-parenting with the other parent. The program assists parents who:

  • Are experiencing or have experienced separation;
  • May be experiencing communication difficulties with the other parent;
  • Wish to develop a positive, child-focused co-parenting relationship;
  • Would like to develop strategies for working through shared parenting challenges.

For the Kids offers:

  • Individual counselling for parents
  • Individual counselling for children
  • Family Dispute Resolution (mediation) services
  • For the Kids group education sessions (2020 For the Kids Group dates)

Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

Our accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners assist separating couples work through issues such as living arrangements for their children and property settlements. Impartial Practitioners work with both parties to help reach an agreement.

Family Dispute Resolution is a voluntary process. It is non-adversarial, confidential and inexpensive compared to the Family Court system and can produce quicker results.

Child-inclusive sessions are available to families for whom this process is recommended by a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and assessed as suitable by our specially trained Child Consultants.

Service Fees

We use a sliding scale to set fees for our Counselling, Family Dispute Resolution, For the Kids and Parenting Programs. Let us know if you are experiencing financial difficulties or are on a low income. No-one is excluded. Fees will be negotiated at your first appointment.