Territorians are happy with our services

We asked participants from 13 of our services to tell us what they think about us in our first ever Feedback February. Five hundred and eight participants completed surveys and answered questions about their experience with our services, satisfaction levels, areas for improvement and if they would recommend us.

The responses tell a fantastic story about the work we do.

  • 95% of respondents said they were happy with our services
  • 96% said staff were kind to them
  • 95% said staff respect them
  • 94% said staff take their culture and beliefs into account
  • 92% said we made a difference
  • 93% would recommend Anglicare NT to someone who needed support

These are amazing results that highlight and acknowledge our services and the incredible work of Anglicare NT’s dedicated staff.

Please enjoy reading some quotes from our participants:

I tell all my family to come and visit Anglicare when they are in my community if they have money problems.

Anglicare workers followed up and did not treat you as a number. I will always refer Anglicare to anyone. They made a big difference in my life.

Anglicare has made a big difference in my life getting a place for me and my son to live.

I thought I was going to lose my unit but with the advocating of the Financial Counsellor at Anglicare NT I was able to budget a little better and could afford to pay my mortgage on my unit, very grateful.

I’ve found the counselling provided at Anglicare very helpful and relevant to my life situation. Talking my issues with the counsellor has helped me gain a different perspective. They suggested things to integrate into my life to better manage the life situations I am currently going through.