Support for Young Parents

We all want children and young people across the Territory to have a good start to life, supported by families and communities to grow into healthy and resilient adults. Child Protection Week, held from 1-7 September, reminds us that we can all play a part in creating safe and nurturing environments for our children.

In order to thrive, children and young people need to feel loved and safe, to be physically and mentally well, to have enough food and a place to live, to learn well at school and to have a strong sense of belonging to the community and their culture. However, the reality is that many families face complex challenges and disadvantage that makes it difficult for children’s needs to be met.

To assist pregnant young women and young parents, Anglicare NT provides youth-friendly childbirth education and support around pregnancy and early parenting. This free and confidential service, Pandanus, includes childbirth education classes, post-natal education, individual support, peer group activities, transport and referrals to other services. It also aims to increase awareness of healthy relationships and enable young parents to build support networks.

A young couple who recently took part in Pandanus found the service provided a good opportunity to come together with other young parents. They said they felt a lot clearer about the support out there and safer since the program.

The service has been operating in the Darwin region for over 20 years and has assisted hundreds of young people to increase their knowledge and confidence, while building positive connections with other individuals, organisations and support services.

Anglicare NT also supports children and young people in the areas of school readiness, youth and family support, accommodation assistance, playgroups and out of home care.

Smiling Indigenous Australian woman in her late twenties holding her baby of six weeks