Rentals out of reach for many Territorians

Anglicare NT joins Anglicare Australia in making an urgent plea to boost social and affordable housing across the country. Anglicare NT today releases the 2023 Rental Affordability Snapshot, which shows people on low incomes right across the Territory struggle to find an affordable place to live.

On the Snapshot weekend of 19 March 2023, 566 private rentals were advertised for rent in the Northern Territory. Of these properties:

  • No properties were affordable for singles, single parents or couples with children living on the JobSeeker payment.
  • No properties were affordable for singles aged over 18 on Youth Allowance in the NT.
  • Only 1% of properties were affordable for couples on the Age Pension, with no properties affordable for singles on the Age Pension or Disability Support Pension.
  • Regional areas like Katherine and Alice Springs are even more unaffordable than Darwin/Palmerston.

No person or family should be forced to make impossible sacrifices just to keep a roof over their head. We must invest in social and affordable housing if the shortfall of affordable rentals in our region is to be tackled. The sobering results of this Snapshot show investment is truly urgent.

We are also calling for an increase to the rate of JobSeeker and other payments to help people on the lowest incomes secure a home. People need a decent income, more housing options, flexible responses and appropriate supports to live safely and with dignity.

According to the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, the Northern Territory has a shortfall of 10,800 social and affordable rental properties (3,100 in Darwin and 7,700 in the rest of the Territory). By 2036, that number is expected to grow to 14,500.

Anglicare NT provides services to individuals and families at every stage of their journey. We offer a no wrong door approach and help navigate challenges faced by so many Territorians.