Your donation can help young pregnant women

Preparing to have a first child can be a daunting and isolating time. For younger pregnant women, impending motherhood is a time where supportive networks are critical in reducing isolation and building the skills and confidence to navigate through the next phase of their lives.

For more than 20 years Anglicare NT, through the Pandanus Program, has offered inclusive and welcoming childbirth education, personal and practical support and hope – helping to grow strong parents and give children a good start in life.

Pandanus makes an important difference for pregnant women 25 years and under – helping them and their partners transition and prepare for parenthood. It offers a range of services including child-birth education, postnatal education and peer support for new parents and one-on-one support and case management.

15-year-old Lilly* contacted Anglicare NT seeking help when she found out she was pregnant. Lilly wasn’t aware of the Pandanus Program and was excited to find out there was support available during her pregnancy and after the birth of her baby. Lilly received practical support with the Royal Darwin Hospital antenatal appointments, assistance to sort out Centrelink payments, access to baby items, timely childbirth education sessions, employment options and develop life skills.

With a gift to the Pandanus Program you can support young women such as Lilly thrive in their journey as a parent. Donate today to enable young mums to access essential care, timely support and connect with a supportive community.

How your donation will make a difference:
$20 could help buy newborn essentials like nappies and swaddles
$75 could help buy clothes and infant care supplies
$150 could help buy a pram, child safety seat or cot

PS – donate before 30 June to receive a deduction in your tax return.

*name and story changed for confidentiality