Anglican Diocese Celebrates 50 Years in NT

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Anglican Diocese in the Northern Territory.

In celebration of the occasion, representatives from Anglican churches across the Territory, and from across the country, met at Christ Church Cathedral in Darwin on June 1-2. Anglicare NT had an information stall and presence over the weekend, sharing insights into the work of our agency and our relationship with the diocese.

Here is a link to ‘The Spirit of Things’ from ABC Radio National, which features Anglicare NT Board Member and Bishop of the Northern Territory, Greg Anderson, painting a picture of the cultural, geographical and linguistic diversity within the diocese and the intersection of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Christianity.

“The 50th Anniversary of the Diocese provided a wonderful opportunity for showing, expressing and valuing the diversity of the Diocese,” said Bishop Greg Anderson. With prayers, hymns and sermons shared in a range of Aboriginal languages, Bishop Greg Anderson believes it’s about much more than communication. “It’s about identity, it’s about cultural safety, it’s about pride in culture and pride in language.”

Continuing their focus on the Anglican Diocese in the Territory, ABC Radio National aired another story this past weekend, looking at the history of the diocese. This segment also features Anglicare NT CEO Dave Pugh speaking about the work of Anglicare NT. See link here.

Bishop of the Northern Territory, Greg Anderson