3 easy ways to help this Refugee Week

This week is National Refugee Week, a celebration of the strengths of refugees and a chance for everyone to broaden their understanding of how we can be supportive.

Our Refugee & Migrant Settlement Services (RAMSS) team have put together 3 tips, everyday actions that you can take to support refugees set up their new lives.

1. Be understanding

Refugees often come from horrible circumstances. They’ve shown incredible resilience to escape their own country and find safety and a future in Australia. Your understanding will help refugees access support relevant to their needs and aspirations.

2. Include in your community events

Invite new refugees to your community events. By inviting new members of your community to your events, you’re helping people understand and find their place in their new community. For example, attending community dinners, joining walking groups and participating in other activities can help build connections and sense of belonging.

3. Be patient

Many refugees arrive in Australia with limited English, be patient to help newly arrived refugees gain the confidence to learn and practice their English skills.