$27,533 in ABC Gives donations for people doing it tough

If you’re an ABC Radio listener in the NT, you couldn’t have got through November without hearing about Anglicare NT. We were the focus organisation for the ABC Gives appeal in the NT, and spent a month on the airwaves sharing everyday stories of the work we do and the people we work with.

“In the beginning I don’t think we quite appreciated the amount of support and exposure we’d get from working with ABC Radio on their gives appeal. Personally, I was blown away by the ABC’s energy and support” said CEO Anglicare NT, Craig Kelly.

Brave staff and program participants

The total figure raised is sitting at just over $25,000, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the willingness of the Anglicare NT staff and program participants to share their stories on the radio. “We approached over 45 people to be involved, and only one person jumped at the idea” said PR Manager Anna Greer. “This appeal was possible because staff and participants were willing to put their own fears aside in the name of better program outcomes. It demonstrates real passion across the organisation,” said Anna.

Generosity in a time of financial hardship

Over $20,000 of the donations were given on the ‘Giving Day’ on November 30. “We know this is a financially tough time for many, but to receive so many donations on a single day was an incredible effort and we are extremely grateful,” said Craig.

Anglicare NT wants to assure all the donors their donations will go directly into bolstering four program areas at Anglicare NT: homelessness in Katherine, Aged Care in East Arnhem Land, young parent support in Darwin and newly released prisoner support in Alice Springs.

“Within these programs we’ll be putting your money into very real and practical ways to support participants. It might be new clothes for a job interview for a newly released prisoner, or a new washing machine for an elderly person, dry season bedding for a family in temporary accommodation, or a car seat for a new baby of a young mum. We’ve been careful to choose programs that are underfunded and provide practical ways to support people in need,” said Craig.

Extraordinary support and energy from ABC

ABC Gives is a national appeal run every year in November. This year it raised $1.4 million for charities helping those most affected by a rise in the cost of living.

Anglicare NT would like to thank ABC Darwin and Alice Springs for choosing us to be a part of the appeal and working with us throughout November. “The ABC’s energy and support has been extraordinary,” said Craig.

You can still donate to ABC Gives until 31 December https://www.anglicare-nt.org.au/abc-gives/