Paul Hawes

Position: Initiatives Manager, Resolve

Paul has worked in health and community services for 38 years. He has significant experience working in the public and non-government sectors. This has included clinical work, senior management, the provision of staff development and education opportunities, change management, project management and leading clinical service improvement and redesign activities.

Paul has been a Registered Nurse since 1979 and he initially worked in the public hospital system before commencing an extensive career in the provision of community support and accommodation support services for people with disability in NSW and QLD. Paul has continued to participate in learning opportunities to improve his skills and competencies and holds a Masters in Nursing (Disability), a Diploma in Management and a Certificate in Mediation.

Paul is passionate about the rights of vulnerable people, especially people with disability, and is able to create environments that allow people to be empowered to determine and communicate their own desires and life goals. Paul is always seeking new ways for the people that he supports to manage their own futures and to have as much input as possible in directing the nature and manner of the services that would best meet their needs.