Volunteers make a difference

Volunteers are central to creating vibrant, connected and thriving communities. They make communities stronger, more connected and inclusive.

Volunteers make a positive difference all the time but especially during times of great need or crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers across the Northern Territory have stepped up. They’ve engaged in extra training, complied with precautions and helped organisations continue to deliver essential services, organise food packages and care for the wellbeing of Territorians.

Volunteers with Anglicare NT support others by delivering meals, providing transport, helping at the opportunity shop and by visiting older people in aged care facilities or living at home who may be socially isolated.

Volunteers at our opportunity shop in Darwin help build a sustainable community by saving household goods and clothing from ending up in landfill and providing people with quality affordable items.

In Alice Springs, our Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver over 5,000 meals each year. Delivery of a meal and a quick chat makes living independently a possibility for many, preventing or delaying a transition into an aged care facility.

The Community Visitors Scheme connects volunteers with older people who are at risk of loneliness or social isolation. Volunteer visitors bring conversation, news, fun activities and friendship. Visitors may also bring a special connection through a shared language, life experience or deep cultural understanding. Many great friendships have been kindled over the years between our volunteer visitors and the older people they spend time with.

To learn about our volunteering opportunities across the Northern Territory phone 8985 0000.