Launch of new Reconciliation Action Plan

The Anglicare NT Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan Sept 2021- Sept 2024 was launched in Alice Springs today by Leonie Patterson, Executive Manager Cultural Safety & Partnerships.

Anglicare NT’s third Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), and second Stretch RAP, builds on our achievements and reflects a continued commitment to reconciliation.

To achieve our purpose of ‘a full life and social justice for all’, it is essential that we fully embed principles of self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. As an organisation, we must understand and seek to address the damage of colonisation and deeply commit to two-way learning, cultural respect and cultural safety. Our latest RAP reflects these commitments and values in practical ways; through employment commitments, staff learning, service effectiveness, partnerships and celebrations.

Our Reconciliation Committee led the development of the RAP, strongly championed by our Board, CEO and Executive Management Team. It captures the voices of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, stakeholders, service participants and reference groups in the many communities we work. The artwork weaved throughout was created by Warnindilyakwa woman, Tanya Kelly, to represent truth-telling and two-way learning.

While we know there is much more to be done, this plan documents and guides our vital next steps in our reconciliation journey.

Our vision for reconciliation

Our vision for reconciliation is an Australian society that is fair and just and is based on truth-telling and genuine relationships. A society that acknowledges and honours the shared histories and rightful place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on their ancestral lands.

 In such a society Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have power over their destiny and flourish. We will walk together to provide a better future based on justice and self-determination.

Reconciliation Action Plan artwork was created by Warnindilyakwa woman, Tanya Kelly.