Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To promote the enrichment of relationships, fullness of life and social justice for all.

Jesus said ‘I have come that you may have life, and have it in all its fullness’  (John 10:10)

Our Values

Integrity we are transparent, honest and accountable in our work with each other, clients, communities and stakeholders

Fairness – we are inclusive; our services are accessible, safe and provided by a culturally competent and skilled workforce

Respect – we work with people’s strengths, believe in their potential to bring about change in their own lives and their right to be heard

Community – we recognise the importance of building strong, welcoming and connected communities, able to care for vulnerable individuals and families

Hope – we know people have great abilities and we work with optimism to achieve positive outcomes


Principles that guide us

  • A strengths approach: we uphold staff and clients dignity, capacities, rights, uniqueness and commonalities
  • Child-safe and family centered: we are child-safe and understand that strengthening families is central to a child’s wellbeing
  • Respect for diversity: we celebrate people’s cultural heritage, responsibilities and identity
  • Social justice: we advocate for social change, justice and improvements to service systems
  • Continuous improvement: we use stakeholder and staff feedback and accreditation processes to learn and improve
  • Staff are valued: we provide a family friendly workplace and encourage staff development and support
  • Connected services: our programs link together and work effectively with government and external services
  • Community development: we engage local communities through partnerships, networks and community building
  • Good governance and management: we use effective processes and quality implementation to support our work
  • Outcomes focused: we continually evaluate our programs and employ contemporary practices to ensure we make a difference.